Game Review – PARKS by Keymaster Games

This was originally published on my Tumblr on September 23, 2019.

Earlier this year, I backed the game PARKS on Kickstarter and received it just a few days ago. I couldn’t wait to try it out with my regular game group, as it is my most anticipated KS back this year.

I played a game of it with Gubbinz, my brother, and Monte, our usual host and GM. The first thing that caught my eye about it is the art. It’s a beautiful game, brought to life by many talented artists, all of whom are credited and highlighted in the game book. The pieces are very high quality, sturdy, and well crafted.

The rules are simple, but not simplistic. Learning didn’t require much of a learning curve, and when we did have questions the rule book was very easy to reference. The strategy involved will keep this game fresh and exciting for years to come. Not to mention that we paused our play a lot to just admire the beautiful artwork!

The other wonderful thing about PARKS is that it has a single player mode with different rules and event cards. This makes the game even more flexible and a great value.

Another positive that Monte pointed out is that the markers and meeples are colorblind friendly. We also found it to be a game that’s easy for players who don’t read English so well to be able to play and enjoy without frustration, as the illustrations are very clear to follow.

All in all, PARKS is a game full of positives. The retail version will be available 10/2/19 and looks like it will be about $49 USD. For the amount of gameplay, quality of the art and components, it’s a fantastic value and worth every penny!

Please support your friendly neighborhood game store!

All text and art ©October Fox

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